Our take away menu is available to order online for home delivery and pick up

Spice Up Your Evenings with Alatonero’s Takeaway!

Hey Alatonero Family!

We’re serving up something special for all our food-loving friends out there! You’ve enjoyed the vibes and tastes of Alatonero at our home, and now we’re bringing the warmth and flavors straight to yours. Yes, you heard it right – your favorite Greek dishes are just a click away!

Wave goodbye to the hassle of dinner prep and say hello to a feast fit for the gods. Whether you’re craving the rich, velvety layers of our Eggplant ‘Yemista’ or daydreaming about the tender, mouth-watering embrace of our 16-hour slow roasted lamb shoulder, we’ve got you covered. And for the cherry on top? Our House Made Dips and Mezze are the perfect starters to ignite your Alatonero adventure from the comfort of your own dining room.

But hey, we’re all about sharing the love – and what better way to do that than with our Family Feast or Greek Banquet packs? Gather the crew, spread out the feast, and dive into a spread that’ll transport you straight to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Feeling peckish for something sweet? Don’t fret, our decadent Chocolate Delice or traditional Baklava fingers are waiting to satisfy those dessert cravings.

Ready to turn your ordinary evening into a culinary escape? Click that glowing ‘Order Takeaway’ button on our website and pick your feast. We’re ready when you are, with pick-up available during opening hours to fit into your busy schedule.

Keep it cool, keep it fresh, and most importantly, keep it deliciously Greek with Alatonero’s takeaway. Because why go out, when you can bring the taste of Greece in?

Stay fabulous,